Amazon Bestseller! BOOM . . . One Word That Inspires Action and Delivers Reward Every Day!

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One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day! (Order Here)

Amazon Bestseller!

If you’re tired of not getting the most out of your life, it is time to start implementing the BOOM! Boom stands for Be Of One Mind and is your reminder to align everything with your purpose. The BOOM! is a universal word for complimenting, agreeing, celebrating, and rewarding and helps you to feel motivated, think positively, and let the law of attraction work for you. 
By reading this book you will learn how to take control now and implement the BOOM! to make many positive changes in your life:
• Be patient with the process of success
• Turn your dreams into goals and plans
• Learn from your mistakes
• Deal with mental illness
• Take responsibility
• Know you who are and who you aren’t
• Be true to your self
• And so much more
In this high-energy, short, and to the point book, Jeff Yalden tells it like it is while sharing his own personal struggles. 
With just four letters – B.O.O.M – you can begin rewarding yourself for even the smallest of victories and find the motivation to get things done.
If you’ve gotten off course, get back on, BOOM! If you’re struggling to find success, realize what you need to do and begin working hard, BOOM! If you keep making the same mistakes over again, learn the lesson and move forward, BOOM! No matter the situation BOOM! can work for you.

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