Your Life Matters: Take Time To Think Tips from Televisions Favorite Teen & Family Life Coach

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Since 1992, I have worked with teens, youth, and families in different capacities, and I couldn’t ask for a better career. Imagine, if you will, the satisfaction that comes from helping a young adult get on a path to success. You may have gotten a sense of what I do if you watch MTV’s reality series “MADE” regularly. I was on an episode in late 2005. As the life coach on the show, I helped an 18-year-old high school senior find out what she was most passionate about so she could decide on a college major and career. She moved me as much I moved her. From teaching and coaching to speaking and mentoring, I have had the honor of reaching nearly four million youths and educators from all over North America and student leaders representing more than 48 different countries. It has been just awesome and rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling.

I love teens and how they keep it real. Within a heartbeat they’ll read you and without hesitation tell you what they think and what they want and expect that success will be greeting them within a few years. While the dream to be successful is there, one major obstacle must be overcome. Somebody has to teach them the essential principles for achieving success or how to define what success or purpose means to them as productive members of a community within our society. Your Life Matters, this isn’t just what I do. This is who I am!

In some cases I feel that we, as role models and mentors to youths, mislead them: Go to school, you’ll learn to become successful. Although school is very important and plays a very significant role in one’s success, I do believe there is more to living a life than just going to school. Education is a large piece of the puzzle in creating a successful life, but there are other pieces to that puzzle that are essential to reach professional and personal success.

The other pieces are included in what I call the STREETS of LIFE or the other side of EDUCATION. Certain skills that are important, such as respect, responsibility, setting goals, defining a purpose, managing money and time, choosing a career, overcoming obstacles, and making the right choices, are extremely important, not to mention attitude, role models, self-respect, and the wisdom of others. All of those ingredients build upon the educational foundation provided by an academic institution, whether it is middle school, high school, college or a university.

I have written this book based on my experiences working with MTV and more importantly, my passion for working with teens and youth. This book will offer teenagers advice, based on my opinion and experiences in life, and provide a road map for leading a purposeful and very successful life. More so than anything, this book teaches teenagers the essential principles for succeeding in the REAL WORLD and on the STREET.

This information I have written should be expected in every school and taught in every family to every child, preteen, or teen.
I have written it in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, in my language so you can easily understand the key elements of future success. I caution you that although this book is not difficult to read, it can and will be life-changing, so proceed carefully. Within these pages you will find some of the most valuable information that you will ever learn. This information builds on our educational experiences. If you read this book in its entirety, I am sure you will be going places, and other people will ask why they’re not going, too.

The principles in this book have one objective:

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

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