3 Tips for Healthy Teens

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Growing Up Teen can be so challenging with all the changes: hormones, physical, psychological, puberty, hormonal, and then add the smartphones, internet, and social media into the fray and of course teens are stressed, overworked, depressed, and anxious.  Jeff Yalden is a celebrity teen and family life coach, a mental health professional that makes sense to teens because he tells it like it is without statistics and all the research our youth don't care about (some of that is involved here though).  He's also a consultant to school communities and an expert on Suicide Prevention.  If you are looking for the best for your teen than this course is a perfect course with Jeff Yalden to make sense to your teens.  Perfect for parents, classes, coaches, guidance departments and anyone who wants to show teens a simple approach to life and what is really important for their best health and wellness and achieving the most out of life.  Three simple tips that will change their life.

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