Students Guide to Mental Health - Beginners Course

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While schools are being forced to bring mental health curriculum into the classrooms we are being forced to expect more from our teachers and guidance counselors, who already are overworked.  What do we do?  No worries, Jeff Yalden is America's leading teen mental health expert and suicide prevention trainer and this course is a great beginners course with classroom discussion slides for any trusted adult to interact and communicate with teens.  Visit The Jeff Yalden Foundation website. (Click Here)

 This course covers:

  • Warning signs and awareness 
  • How to help a friend
  • What to say and how to say it
  • How to start the conversation
  • What to do and how to show your support
  • A friend's responsibility
  • Wellness tools and tips for mental health success
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety in just three minutes a day
  • How to live well and self-care practice tips
  • and more . . .  delivered in a fun, educational, and interactive way

Jeff is real, charismatic, and understanding of today's youth.  Jeff shares the two questions everyone asks and he gives you three tips for every day success as a teen.  This course takes the stress and pressure away from teachers and guidance counselors.

Great course for middle school and high school physical education and health classes or other classes needing to bring mental health into the schools.

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