Get Paid to Speak to Schools: No Experience Necessary!

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Get Paid to Speak to Schools . . . No Experience Necessary!

Visit . . . This could be you!

Get Paid $2500 - $5000 a Day as a Youth Motivational Speaker! No Experience Necessary!  Speak to schools and make a difference!

26 Year Veteran Youth Speaker: 50 States, 49 Countries, every Canadian Province - Over 4,000 PAID Presentations in Education.

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Hi, I am Jeff Yalden.  For 26 years, I've been speaking to high schools, colleges and universities.  I started when I was in the Marine Corps and little did I know I'd still be doing it at 47 years old, but WOW!

What about you?  Are you happy with your current situation?  Do you have a story you just wish you could relate to young people?  What about getting paid to do it; you ever think about that?  Can you speak in public?  You don't need any experience or formal training.  Really, a passion to make a difference and a desire to be a positive influence in a kids life.  

This is what I do and now I am sharing all my information with you.

Jeff makes sense.

Jeff talks to students

Get Started Today and Change Your Career Today!

First, check out my website  This could be you.  Are you ready to change your career and live an amazing life you've created?

Let's get started then.

This online course is everything you need to know and will take you from FREE speaker wanting to get paid to highly profitable speaker getting paid multiple times a week.

This picture below outlines the course modules in this Online Youth Speakers Course.  Whether you are passionate about elementary, middle and high school, college and university, teachers and educators, parents and community, Jeff Yalden will teach you the tools to be successful.  Consider this the inside lane . . . No waiting.  No gimmicks.

High School Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden

With your course, you are learning from the man who has done it all.  Jeff will still be invested in you and answering all your questions too. 

Bonus: All speaking engagements Jeff can't do, he will post to his facebook group for Youth Motivational Speakers that you'll be a part of. 

Consider this an opportunity for a new career where you will get paid, and get paid well for doing what you love.  The greatest paycheck is you making a difference in the world. Become a motivational speaker for schools, and  help to heal the world.

If you are interested for the money, please move on.  While you will make a lot of money, the challenge is tough, the work isn't easy, but the work is the greatest job in the world.  You have to be willing to do the work.  Jeff will teach you everything you need to know and will answer all your questions as we continue to move forward together.

Please visit: Online Course Now and Sign Up because time is of the essence for your new career doing what you love: Getting Paid to Speak and Make a Difference!

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Cell: 603-321-5644

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